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It happens to us all at least once…. Without thinking you press the ‘delete all’ button and then it dawns, OMG… and you’ve lost everything.

I had a recent bad experience after returning from a trip to Provence. I linked my camera to my pc and left it to download the 100s of RAW images I’d taken. Returning an hour or so later, everything looked fine, the download had completed and so I packed away my gear. A few days later, I decided to process images I had taken specifically for a friend on the final day of my trip, having spent hours setting up and taking them. To my horror I couldn’t find any images from the last two days of the trip and meanwhile I had wiped the memory card clean and started shooting with it again.
Lesson learned! 1. Always check that the download has fully completed – don’t just assume and 2. Don’t wipe clean any memory cards until you are 100% sure you have securely saved the images.

However, should you wipe your memory card clean then help is at hand…WinRecovery Software has released version 3.0 of CardRecovery, an application that allows users to recover digital photos from memory cards used by digital cameras.

Card Recovery Software

Card Recovery Software

CardRecovery uses a simple three-step scan wizard and a friendly user interface, which allow users to perform recovery tasks quite easily and smoothly. It utilizes WinRecovery’s unique and exclusive SmartScan technology that completes those ‘impossible’ recovery tasks. It supports almost all memory card types including SmartMedia, Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture, MicroDrive, Multimedia Card and more. The software works under Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.  All common image file types (e.g. JPG, TIF) are supported. CardRecovery also supports most raw image formats including Nikon NEF, Canon CRW, CR2, Minolta MRW and more.

A trial version of the software can be found at

In my case, since I had started to use the memory card again, the software would probably not have helped. However, I now know where to go to should that OMG feeling hit me one day.

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One Response to Recover Deleted Images from Flash Memory Cards

  1. Robert Green says:

    Interesting piece of software. A friend of mine has a corrupted memory card that no program has been able to recover so far. He was deleting the bad photos at the end of each day on his holiday which resulted in most photos becoming fragmented on the card so when the FAT table got corrupted he can now only recover a small section of each photo! He now never deletes photos as he goes along.
    I’ll tell him to give this program a try.

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