Three Color Curl by Walhead Beshty
Three Color Curl by Walhead Beshty
Three Color Curl by Walhead Beshty

New Photography 2009 exhibtion is a display of recent work in photography that attempts to examine and expand the conventional definitions of the medium. Six artists are represented in this installation—Walead Beshty, Daniel Gordon, Leslie Hewitt, Carter Mull, Sterling Ruby, and Sara VanDerBeek. Many of the works are made with everyday materials and objects, as well as images from the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and books. Some of the artists also work in other mediums and their pictures relate to disciplines such as drawing, sculpture, and installation. As traditional photographic techniques are being quickly replaced by digital technologies, the artists included here examine the process and structure of making photographs.

Showing until 11th January 2010
Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53rd Street
New York City
New York USA
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